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Data center brings Sanya closer to being a smart city


Sanya's new gigantic data center which came online on Nov 29, 2017, marked a big step in the city's journey in becoming a smart city.  

The data center had its foundations in the Sanya e-government extranet, and utilizes cloud computing technology to coordinate and build a centralized apparatus for the city.

Covering a total area of 1,500 square meters, the center can accommodate up to 1,000 physical servers, with its memory capacity of 40 petabytes and backbone network that is capable of 10G data transmission. 

Cloud computing technology will minimize daily maintenance and operational costs through the reduction of labor. The technology will also assist in data sharing and analysis, and furthermore provide unified security for all the application systems. 

Sanya mayor Wu Yanjun noted that, "the launch of the big data center is equal to setting up a 'central nervous system'."

Sanya governmental officials announce to launch the big data center on Nov 29. [Photo by Ye Junyi/hinews.cn]

As of Nov 28, around 20 systems of operation of Sanya governmental department portal websites were transferred to the big data center. 

In future, the central system will link up with areas of the city's governance, including that of culture, transport, tourism service, public security and business matters.

It will also facilitate the development of emerging technological industries and online industries in the future, according to the mayor. 

"The big data center will break down barriers between governmental departments, and efficiently use governmental information resources to promote business coordination," according to a governmental official. "Full data adaptability will also bring more value to informational resources."

It is expected to share more open information resources through collecting, categorizing and analyzing data from all walks of life, subsequently furthering Sanya's information industry and journey to become a smart city.