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Guangzhou government cloud platform awarded 'Excellent infrastructure'


Guangzhou government's cloud service platform has won an award for its "Excellent infrastructure", the announcement came from an IDC CXO conference regarding digital transformation held in Beijing on Nov 14, 2017.

The award is designed by the market research company International Data Corporation (IDC), aiming to reward organizations and institutions in the Asia Pacific region that have managed to implement or lay out plans for digitalization. 

Guided by the Industry and Information Technology Commission of Guangzhou, the Guangzhou Information Technology Service Center has set up a cloud service platform which they operate to break the barriers among city level governmental departments, allowing more efficient methods of data sharing.

The International Data Corporation (IDC) holds an award ceremony to reward organizations in Asia Pacific region, who manage to make a step forward in digital transformation, in Beijing on Nov 14, 2017.[Photo/gz.gov.cn]

This constitutes an important part of Guangzhou city's plan in building a smart city, being capable of offering governmental bodies in Guangzhou nine services including that of calculation, storage, internet access, security and basic software.

Availing of the platform, governmental departments involved can purchase computing and storage resources in a rapid and convenient manner, which greatly shortens the project construction period and cuts down equipment procurement costs. It marks a big step forward compared with the current administration mode.

Guangzhou government's cloud service platform wins an award of "Excellent Infrastructure" during the IDC CXO conference in Beijing, Nov 14, 2017.[Photo/gz.gov.cn]

Statistics revealed other benefits of the cloud service platform, where server hardware and physical storage usage was reduced by three quarters.

Since October, 2017, the cloud platform has served more than 240 units operating 900 business systems, covering the Guangzhou government portal website, government service hotline 12345, and urban management video monitoring system.

Other informatization infrastructure constructions that were awarded were the cloud platforms and cloud computing centers established by PingAn Group, China National Offshore Oil Corporation, Coca-Cola Beverage Co, Hywin Financial Holding Group and Handan government, Hebei province.